Social Enterprises

Make cause-washing a thing of the past by Verifying your program's impact.


Environmental projects can sell carbon credits, now you can sell your "Verified Impact Units"

For profit, for purpose businesses are making an impact and now they can report against the universal Impact Standards and get credit for the good work that they are doing.

Validate Your Program's Impact

Receive third-party evaluation to prove your impact as a social program.

Standardize Year-End Impact Reporting

Don't dread year-end reporting season. Leverage your Impact Genome Verification Scorecard to get credit for the good work you're doing and have the data prove it.

Connect with New Social Impact Investors

Verify your program and become discoverable to Impact Genome's impact funders network and partner network.

“The Impact Genome Registry has been a game-changer for us. We use the Registry for fundraising by presenting our programs' efficacy rate, cost per outcome, and supporting evidence in a summarized version. We share the data publicly, and our funders are thrilled to see that we are making a difference.”

Leanne Nicole
President & CEO

How it works

The Impact Genome Registry enables the field to compare programs and combine research findings across the sector, so that we can begin to understand what works and why, and what is the true cost of impact.

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Create a free account & add your programs to Impact Genome Registry

In under ten minutes, you will be showcasing your programs and outcomes to donors around the world.

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Then go further with our affordable annual memberships

To report your annual impact and become Impact Verified™.

Step 03

Take advantage of all benefits of membership & look at our partners

Use interactive learning tools, find peer nonprofit programs, join online roundtables, increase the visibility of your organization through our partner network and more!


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