For many nonprofits, the traditional model is a losing battle. On average, it takes $20 for every $100 raised and requires 20 hours to apply, monitor, and report on a single grant. 71% of nonprofit leaders say they struggle to measure impact at an Outcomes level. What if you could get in front of donors who value your impact, with verified outcomes that elevate your work? We believe nonprofits deserve better.


A Platform for Impact

The IGR Membership provides easy-to-use online tools for impact reporting & peer benchmarking, access to untapped capital, and capacity-building opportunities all in one place.

Reach New Donors

Get in front of thousands of donors through the Registry and our partners. Gain momentum with visibility based on your outcomes – not marketing or networks.

Verified Impact Report

Create once and use everywhere as a marketing and fundraising tool that can be included in every application, report and proposal.

Impact Building Tools

Learn what works from across the sector. Gain exclusive members-only access to webinars, learning tools, and ongoing support.

“By using the Impact Genome Registry, nonprofits of any size can report program outcomes, gain visibility, and share their Verified Impact Report across all funders. This approach elevates the influence of smaller nonprofits and allows decisions to be made purely based on impact versus relationships.”

Sandi Boga
Head of Product and Senior Vice President

How it works

As soon as you become a member, you can build trust and transparency in your impact, reach more donors, and improve your program effectiveness.

Step 01

Create a free account & add your programs to Impact Genome Registry

In under ten minutes, you will be showcasing your programs and outcomes to donors around the world.

Step 02

Then go further with our affordable membership.

Membership includes one free Verified Impact Report.

Step 03

Take advantage of Membership benefits for a full year

Use interactive learning tools, find peer nonprofit programs, join online roundtables, increase the visibility of your organization through our partner network and more!


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