The Core of the Impact Genome Registry

The Impact Genome Registry verifies the impact of social programs using outcome standards that are built from evidence and continuously curated.

Every social program in the Impact Genome Registry is associated with one or more of Impact Genome’s 132 standardized outcomes. An outcome is a measurable change in a beneficiary status, behavior or condition during a 12-month period. The Impact Genome Registry includes programs producing outcomes across Education, Public Health, Human Needs, Arts & Culture, and more.

how it works

Defining Outcomes

The Impact Genome Registry codes every social program using our Impact Standard to report which of the 132 standardized outcomes it’s creating. An outcome is a measurable change in a beneficiary status, behavior or condition during a 12-month period.

Code the Evidence

Our team of ontologists analyzes and codes the evidence base to find and define preliminary outcomes.

Peer Review

The outcome is then refined through extensive peer review by a panel of practitioners, academics and funders.

Ongoing Curation

Data collected from Registry participants is verified and then used to validate and refine the standardized outcomes.
Core of the Genome

Universal Impact Standard Taxonomies

Universal common data standards for outcomes, program components, beneficiary types and contexts relevant to each Standard (Genome).

To review our governance process for building taxonomies, please click here
Core of the Genome

Universal Evidence

Each Impact Genome Standard has a publicly-accessible evidence base of ‘what works’ that is searchable by outcomes, components, beneficiaries and contexts, making evidence more actionable and useful.

Core of the Genome

What Works

Meta-analysis (combining findings across research) of the evidence to explain ‘what works and why’ (e.g. which program strategies are more likely to generate positive outcomes).

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Core of the Genome


A free, online self-assessment tool that allows any social program to discover its ‘Impact DNA’ (e.g. common program design features) and benchmark with other organizations.


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