Design a strategy to maximize your impact

Our Impact Strategy services help organizations use impact, evidence, and benchmark data to design grant and investment strategies that align with your goals and value.

Maximize Impact

Outcome Prioritization

Through structured workshops and stakeholder engagement, we help you identify the outcomes you want to prioritize and develop an Impact Framework to guide future investments.

Maximize Impact

Outcome Inventory

We review your current grants and social impact investments to determine what outcomes you are funding today, how they align to your priorities, and opportunities to optimize and create more impact.

Maximize Impact

Outcome Budgeting and Reporting

We will help you build your annual budget around outcomes - how much to allocate and your expected return - and then report your annual results to your Board and other stakeholders.


How to get started

The benefit of using a universal Impact Standard is that it enables the field to compare programs and combine research findings across a field so that we can begin to understand what works and why. That is the purpose of Impact Genome.

Impact Strategy

Define the outcomes and impact you value most.

Investment Selection

Identify the social programs best to partner with to achieve your goals.

Portfolio Analysis

Impact Verification provides true ROI on each investment and your overall social portfolio.

Get Credit

Report your impact to internal and external stakeholders. Showcase your outcomes in your Impact Report, CSR Report, the S in ESG, etc.


Take proactive steps to improve your portfolio or provide capacity building to your social program partners.

Forecast & Plan

Set future goals and build an investment strategy to meet them.

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Join the fast-growing community of Impact Genome Registry members – nonprofits and impact producers who are producing over 10 million social outcomes annually, all around the world.
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