Grant Portfolio Impact Analysis

Meaure the impact of your grantmaking or community investment programs, using verified data you can trust.


Every Social Investment has Impact

Clearly understand and report on your grant's social impact to your trustees and stakeholders. Using Impact Genome as a third-party evaluator ensures accuracy and quality of your grantee data. The IGR standardized metrics allow you to compare your investments to each other, as well as to sector benchmarks. Use data to improve your strategy, maximize your impact, and give your board and stakeholders greater confidence in your work.

See & Share Total Impact

Use an interactive dashboard to examine how your investment enabled priority nonprofit programs to achieve specific outcomes. Compare nonprofits using benchmarks on Cost per Outcome and Efficacy Rate. See program activities and evidence quality for unmatched insight into the programs you fund. Share all or parts of the analysis with employees and external stakeholders, and get credit for the work you are doing.

Align Giving with your Priorities

Measure how your grantmaking aligns to your giving goals and guidelines. Dig into detailed information on beneficiaries, location, and context for every program you fund. See how your portfolio is trending year over year, as you continue to adjust your strategy based on evidence you can trust.

Trust Standardized, Verified Data

Your granting portfolio analysis is based on data submitted by nonprofits, and verified by our team. Save time by using our intuitive impact reporting process, while leveling the playing field for smaller nonprofits who may lack measurement and evaluation expertise. Each nonprofit receives a Verified Impact Report™ they can use to inform program improvements, report directly to you, other funders, prospects, stakeholders or the public at large. Program verification is a benefit of IGR Membership, which you can sponsor as part of nonprofit capacity building.

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“The Impact Genome Registry has been a game-changer for us. We use the Registry for fundraising by presenting our programs' efficacy rate, cost per outcome, and supporting evidence in a summarized version. We share the data publicly, and our funders are thrilled to see that we are making a difference.”

Leanne Nicole
President & CEO

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