Social Impact is an asset class.

Together with OutcomesX, we are transforming social impact into an investable asset; creating the infrastructure to standardize, price, trade, & report on social impact credits. Reach out if you want to learn more about our innovate and equitable outcomes-based transaction models, including outcome purchases, reverse auctions, and more.

Maximize Impact

Become a Social Investor

We identify Impact Producers that match your precise specifications - outcome, beneficiary, location, and more - and allow you to purchase their outcomes. You spend less time on discovery,application review, and diligence while guaranteeing your resources are funding the impact you desire.

Maximize Impact

Empower Impact Producers

By purchasing outcomes that have already been created, or allowing Producers to set the price for their outcomes, you guarantee your impact while giving Producers flexibility with how they allocate future capital - a win for all.

Maximize Impact

Boost Accountability

No more hoping that your grants or social program investments made today will produce results one or more years later - outcome transactions allow you to your stakeholders immediate accountability, and reduce risk of "impact washing".


How to get started

The benefit of using a universal Impact Standard is that it enables the field to compare programs and combine research findings across a field so that we can begin to understand what works and why. That is the purpose of Impact Genome.

Impact Strategy

Define the outcomes and impact you value most.

Investment Selection

Identify the social programs best to partner with to achieve your goals.

Portfolio Analysis

Impact Verification provides true ROI on each investment and your overall social portfolio.

Get Credit

Report your impact to internal and external stakeholders. Showcase your outcomes in your Impact Report, CSR Report, the S in ESG, etc.


Take proactive steps to improve your portfolio or provide capacity building to your social program partners.

Forecast & Plan

Set future goals and build an investment strategy to meet them.
Allstate Foundation
”Our trustees knew transforming our social impact measurement strategy required a significant investment and were driven to ensure it was science-based and backed by data. Because our trustees are all business leaders in the corporation, they know how important data can be to evaluate work and determine best practices.

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Join the fast-growing community of Impact Genome Registry members – nonprofits and impact producers who are producing over 10 million social outcomes annually, all around the world.
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