Simplify reporting, reduce grantee burden and secure actionable data to make evidence-based decisions.


Understand where your dollars are being used

In an era of historic budget deficits, program budgets are always at risk. Legislators are demanding evidence of results. Output metrics and narrative summaries no longer suffice. Agency administrators, evaluation officers and authorizing bodies want to know: what’s working and what’s not, what’s the ‘bang for the buck’, what overall impact are we having on communities, which grants are most effective, how can we benchmark, aggregate and roll-up our results?

Improve Performance Progress Reports

Using Impact Genome's Impact Standards enables standardized outcomes reporting for all grants. Now you can view each grantee’s performance in a single scorecard. You can aggregate outcomes data at the program level, demonstrate total program impact and cost-per-outcome, and even benchmark your results against similar programs.

Strengthen Evaluation Capacity

Improve the quality and confidence in your grantees’ impact data. Grantees can now self-report their outcomes using reliable, evidence-based standards into the Registry. Grantees can also access the world’s largest coded evidence base of research to improve their program design and find “closest matching” evaluations.

Reduce Risk By Predicting Grant Success

Risk isn’t just about financial risk — it’s about outcomes risk. Will your program produce the outcomes you expect? Program staff can review likelihood of success and evidence-quality for each grant before you approve funding. Compare proposals to industry Cost Per Outcome benchmarks to determine value for money.

“At Moody’s, we appreciate the value that standardized, rigorous, and comparable data adds to making better decisions—in our analysis and in assessing the success of our nonprofit partnerships. The Impact Genome strengthens our ability to drive social impact and connects directly to our leadership contributing to transparent and integrated financial markets.”

Arlene Isaacs-Lowe
Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Moody's Corporation, and President, Moody's Foundation.

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