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Improve your program impact and increase your chances of being funded with a membership to the Impact Genome Registry. Ideal for any organization producing impact - nonprofits, social enterprises, and government programs.


A Platform for Impact

An IGR Membership provides social impact producers with access to one of the most powerful platforms in the field, enabling you to design more effective programs, benchmark your peers, simplify reporting, and, most importantly, access untapped capital.

Sell Your Impact

Donors want to find programs that meet their impact goals. Together, with our partners, we help them find you by giving you priority placement in the IGR, enhancing your ratings on Charity Navigator, listing your outcomes on OutcomesX, sharing your impact through Benevity, and more.

Verify Your Impact

Donors trust third-party verification of results. Rather than hire an evaluator, use our self-guided reporting platform to earn third-party Impact Verification from our team of in-house evaluation experts. In doing so, you can generate one annual universal impact report for sharing with any donor. We aim to reduce your burden while helping you tell your impact story.

Benchmark Your Impact

Donors want confidence that they are supporting highly effective programs. IGR offers you first-of-their-kind learning tools that allow you to compare your results to sector benchmarks, identify ways to improve your impact measurement practices, and learn from how your peers are producing outcomes with their beneficiaries.

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