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Your subscription gives you access to the full Impact Genome Registry (“IGR”), along with the tools you need to find nonprofits that align with your strategy, run investment scenarios, and use detailed impact analysis to get credit for the impact your investments are making.


An IGR subscription helps you maximize the social impact of every dollar invested.

Eliminate the guesswork when deciding which nonprofit to fund. The tools in the IGR support pre-funding decision-making, and allow you to invest in organizations that have had a proven impact. Manage your portfolio of nonprofits partners. Receive a robust portfolio analysis that shows the overall impact your investments have made - this year and across the lifetime of your program. Work with experts to grow your impact over time.

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With over 2.2 million nonprofits and a wealth of impact-related research, we make it easy to find nonprofits that align with your program strategy. Search by outcome, SDG, beneficiary traits, location and more. Review detailed reports on Impact Verified™ nonprofits.

Impact Forecasting

Once you’ve found the perfect partners, plan your portfolio to maximize the impact you are having. Run and save different scenarios to create a data-driven strategy to grant, give or volunteer in the system of your choice.

Portfolio Analysis

Our in-depth reporting shows you the total impact of your investments. You’ll get an impact overview, detailed analysis of outcomes, beneficiaries, context, and location, as well as a breakdown of evidence types. Share the results with key internal or external stakeholders, so everyone can see and celebrate the change you are making in the world.

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“The Impact Genome Registry has been a game-changer for us. We use the Registry for fundraising by presenting our programs' efficacy rate, cost per outcome, and supporting evidence in a summarized version. We share the data publicly, and our funders are thrilled to see that we are making a difference.”

Leanne Nicole
President & CEO

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