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Impact Funders often struggle to identify, measure, and improve the results of their annual investments in nonprofits or social enterprises. Our team works with you to understand your goals, analyze and benchmark your current portfolio, and recommend ways to increase your impact, all while increasing your capacity for equitable grantmaking.

Maximize Impact

Grant selection and forecasting

We create curated lists of candidate nonprofits and social enterprises for you to consider based on your portfolio goals and desired outcomes, and help you forecast the potential impact of your investments. Want to move beyond traditional grantmaking? We can facilitate Reverse Auctions and Outcome Transactions to streamline your funding of impact.

Maximize Impact

Impact reporting beyond grants

Our team provides unified impact analysis across grants, employee giving, company match, volunteering, impact investing, and more. We identify opportunities to adjust your allocations for maximum impact, while summarizing your impact for Board reporting.

Maximize Impact

Year over year trending

Access our team of analysts to understand your portfolio progress from year to year, including changes in total outcomes funded, ROI, fit to strategiy, and how to use previous results to inform future optimization decisions.


How to get started

The benefit of using a universal Impact Standard is that it enables the field to compare programs and combine research findings across a field so that we can begin to understand what works and why. That is the purpose of Impact Genome.

Impact Strategy

Define the outcomes and impact you value most.

Investment Selection

Identify the social programs best to partner with to achieve your goals.

Portfolio Analysis

Impact Verification provides true ROI on each investment and your overall social portfolio.

Get Credit

Report your impact to internal and external stakeholders. Showcase your outcomes in your Impact Report, CSR Report, the S in ESG, etc.


Take proactive steps to improve your portfolio or provide capacity building to your social program partners.

Forecast & Plan

Set future goals and build an investment strategy to meet them.
Moody's Foundation
“At Moody’s, we appreciate the value that standardized, rigorous, and comparable data adds to making better decisions—in our analysis and in assessing the success of our nonprofit partnerships. The Impact Genome strengthens our ability to drive social impact and connects directly to our leadership contributing to transparent and integrated financial markets.”
Arlene Isaacs-Lowe

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