Every social investment has impact

Clearly understand and report out your grant's social impact to your trustees and stakeholders. Using Impact Genome as a third-party evaluator ensures accuracy and quality of your grantee data. Make direct comparisons of your investments to each other, as well as sector benchmarks, to create a higher confidence from your board and stakeholders.

Assess Total Impact

Aggregate total dollars and outcomes produced by all your social investments in an interactive dashboard.

Priority Alignment

Measure how your grantmaking aligns to your giving goals and guidelines.

Measuring Your Giving Impact

Uncover your impact using Verified impact data.


How to get started

The benefit of using a universal Impact Standard is that it enables the field to compare programs and combine research findings across a field so that we can begin to understand what works and why. That is the purpose of Impact Genome.

Impact Strategy

Define the outcomes and impact you value most.

Investment Selection

Identify the social programs best to partner with to achieve your goals.

Portfolio Analysis

Impact Verification provides true ROI on each investment and your overall social portfolio.

Get Credit

Report your impact to internal and external stakeholders. Showcase your outcomes in your Impact Report, CSR Report, the S in ESG, etc.


Take proactive steps to improve your portfolio or provide capacity building to your social program partners.

Forecast & Plan

Set future goals and build an investment strategy to meet them.

The Standard for Social Impact

Borne out of the Impact Genome Project, a publicly-funded initiative to standardize the outcomes of social programs. Our Impact Genome Registry of impact data is relied on by nonprofits, governments, private foundations, and corporations worldwide to report the impact of grants and donations, benchmark programs, discover new grantees, and standardize impact measurement.

Impact Standards

A common language for measuring impact.

Data Portability

Impact data that can be transferred and used across platforms.


Evidence-based, peer-reviewed evaluation process for certifying impact.

Social Impact as an Asset

Verified Social Impact credits that are standardized, priced, and sold.


Compare programs and portfolios using our Impact Standards.

Level the Playing Field

Small organizations can compete based on their outcomes and not their marketing.
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